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No spark while cranking

Mike P

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Hey All, Long story short have a 323 BFMR rally car with an early model link.  Get a spark when I turn on or off key although does nothing while cranking.  Got a wiring diagram from this site to check connections - seem correct.  Have now connected the power supply to the ecu directly to ignition and has constant supply from ignition on, during crank and when released. Still when you turn ign on you get a pop from engine(sparks) wont fire wnen cranking then pops when you release the key (spark). 

Checked earths, relocated them serval times, separated them, attached to chassis then to engine.  Spent hours making new looms, new connections, tracing and replacing wiring.  No clues what to do next.  Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you



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