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Evolink problems

Kelly Hill

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I am having problems with my evo link. Well thats what i think it is. It a 88 lancer gsr with a evo/vr4 engine in it and latly is being running realy shit. When you put your foot down it just pops nd bacfires and so on but on light throttle its all ok and it doesnt want to idle either. But must of the time when you are not moving you can rev it with full throotle and its usually ok. its deffianty not fuel and i dont think its ignition as it has all need plugs leads and coils. Possisbly TPS? or MAP sensor?(Is that wat they run with the evo link) Any help would be much appricatied

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You will need to get you hands on a Tuning Module and plug it in to see what all the inputs are doing. This will then get you heading in the right direction. MAP should read 100ish at key on but engine not running.  TPS should span from 10 to 100.

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