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Vairable reluctor wheel speed sensors


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Can the Razor PDM pick up vairable reluctor wheel speed sensor frequancy and send the data to the G4x ExtremeX?

If so what is the arming voltage required to provide a signal?  I am currently picking up three of the wheel speed sensors via DI 6 through 8 in the G4x ExtremeX but the arming threshold is 1.8 volts and the wheel speed needed to get to 1.8 volts is 22 mph.  I would like to pick up the wheel speed at a much lower speed if posible.  I am wondering if the Razor PDM will do it.

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ADIO 5-8 are capable of measuring frequency/speed, but the thresholds are even higher than G4X, so wont be useful for your intent in this case.  From memory about 3.6V high, 1.5V low.  

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