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How do you know if you are synced?

Josh Burt

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I just finished wiring in my cam sensor and configuring the G4 to run sequential injection. I am logging the ECCS Sync bit and it never goes true. I assumed this bit tells you if you are sync'd no matter what type of sequential setup you are running, I am now thinking I am wrong. I know it is sync'd now because of how much better the throttle response is, and the injection timing seems to be working. Do you just look at the Trigger 1 and Trigger 2 signals to set to know you are sync'd, or is there another bit that I am not seeing? Thanks BTW so far this ecu is great. I have tuned cars with megasquirt and Motec ecus. As far as bang for the buck goes, nothing is better in my opinion. I can't wait for the weather to break here so I can do some real road tuning.

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Hi Josh,

If you have the sync turned on, you should be looking for 'Trigger 2 - Yes' in your runtime values (F12). If it is not working you will see the trigger errors count up each time it expects to see a sync and it doesn't.

Eg 24 teeth on the crank, you will get a trigger error every time 48 teeth go past without seeing a sync.


As Martin suggests the ECCS Sync is only for Nissans when they convert the 'widest slot' into a sync signal.



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