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ADIO Pin Questions


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Hi, I just have a couple of questions about the ADIO pins.

1) Could I use an ADIO pin as an output to power a single 35W or 50W HID? Obviously a 50W HID is only about 4.2A (less than the 8A maximum of the pins) but I am not sure what the typical inrush/startup current is, or the duration of the inrush. Would an ADIO pin handle it OK?


2) For ADIO pins in input mode, the manual says "Max input voltage 12V, max measurable voltage 5V". So I assume this means I can connect one of these pins to my headlight stalk and determine if it is 0V or 12V for headlights on/off? Even though with the car running, the ON value will probably exceed 12V (i.e. 14.4V or so). Will this damage the PDM?



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I think the only way to be sure with the HID is to connect one and try it, I have a suspicion it wont like it.  I have run a normal 50W headlight bulb with an ADIO but they arent really sensitive to start up current like an HID is.  If an ADIO is overloaded it just automatically PWM's at very high frequency to control current, that might prevent the HID from getting the arc going.   

Up to about 20V is fine on the ADIO, not sure where the 12V max term came from sorry.  

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Hi @Adamw, thanks for your reply.

I assumed that was the case with the 12V limit, thanks for confirming.


In regards to the HIDs, can I assume that one of the High Power outputs could handle 2x HIDs with no issues?

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