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Wiring switches

Tonez brah

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Can someone please confirm if this wiring is safe for the ecu. I wanted led illuminated switches for antilag.


One red to acc, one black to ground, 2nd red to ecu. 

the 2nd black wire needs to go ecu for the led light. If I ground the second black wire no led turns on.


So it looks like the 2nd red and ground needs to be joined together and go to ecu to complete the circuit. Is it safe to join one ground and positive to ecu? 

Or am I better of going with the traditional rocker switches?


thank youIMG_5798.thumb.jpeg.a5e3b1992c4e3d9ad4b413386fc9e45a.jpeg

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The manufacturer's drawing is worthless with no internal schematic, but reading between the lines I would say the terminals or wires marked "+ & -" on the drawing are for the LED, and the other two wires are just either side of the switch contacts.  

So connecting it like below should work.  The "+" and one of the switch wires connected together and then connected to the ECU DI.  The "-" wire to ground, and the other switch wire to ign switched +12V.  


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