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AtomX G4X apex trigger question


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Hi ! I need help i have atomX g4X ecu, i put it on yamaha apex 4 cylinders 998cc 4strokes turbo engine i setup trigger 1 crank sensor it’s reluctor sensor with 8 tooth multi tooth but i need help to setup trigger 2 cam sensor the cam sensor it’s 3 wire optical sensor i think is cam window type but i need help to comfirm this ? It’s a ring on all the turn of the cam and only one space is cut to pulse one time the optical sensor and after that  how to sync crank sensor with cam sensor?

Thank you



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It is unlikely that an incorrect trigger offset would cause one cylinder to not run, if the offset was wrong then all cylinders would be advanced or retarded by the same amount.  

Can you attach a copy of the map and a short log of it running.  

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