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After moving to 7.2.2 I get this prompt every time the PC Link software is opened or ECU is disconnected. Was this an intentional inclusion?


Seems innocuous enough, but it's a step I have to do every time now where I didn't used to have to, but more annoyingly, if my laptop logging was running when I switched the car off, I can't just fire the car up again and continue with logging. I have to power the ECU, connect the PC Link software via the above and then ignition...

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it's still there. Can we have this removed or switchable?

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Yep same thing here - the older software would happily just auto-connect - if you'd selected the option in Preferences.

Even with auto-connect enabled in G5, this prompt still shows, and then I still have to manually refresh the ECU list, select the ECU, and press 'OK' to the prompt - agreed, its annoying - and what purpose is it intending to serve..?

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I suppose it has to do with the wireless connection function of the G5 voodoo. You will possibly have more than one ECU in the WiFi range to ba able to connect to, so you would have to chose. Unlike when there was only USB connection, where there is only one possible ecu to connect to, which is the one the USB cable is from. 

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