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TPS Delta & Accel Fuel Enrichment


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Hoping someone can clarify the time period in which a TPS delta change must occur to enact enrichment tables?

I have just converted from 98 to E85 and really cant get a handle on the Acceleration enrichment - seemed ok previously from a driveability point anyway.

My issue is a most of the time im not getting any enrichment resulting in lean periods until tps stabilises and then it levels to fuel map and seems ok ish - eg TPS change from 24.7 to 31.6% in 0.25 sec does not give any enrichment further climb to 42% over total of 1.1 sec still no enrichment - during this period Lambda climbs to 1.2 before then stabilising back to 0.98 which is pretty close to my target of 0.95 - total RPM change  2770 to 3315

Accel sens - 200

deadband 2%

hold 10

decay 4%

Is it just a case of the tps change isnt sufficiently quick to register as tps delta.

Log attached -great example at 3.34


Any advice appreciated

440 Plymouth Blown Tune - E85 tune 3rd Jan 2024.pclr

Log 2024-01-3 6;33;15 pm.llg

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