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CAN BUS wideband capabilities G4x Evo 8


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My search skills are failing me. 

Can someone link what the can bus integration is capable of with a G4x?


I've read a thread that makes it seem like it can make the ECU target AFRs and essentially auto adjust the fueling under regular driving conditions. 

If it is capable of this, is it possible that it can be normally driven to a professional tuner to finish ? The ECU basically will do the "base map" to be functional? 


Otherwise, is the can bus integration just for logging and the gauges? 

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CAN bus is just a communication method so other devices can "talk" with the ECU.  In the case of AFR it would be a CAN bus lambda controller.  

But no, the ecu isn't going to tune it for you.  You can use closed loop lambda to make small adjustments to lambda in realtime, but that is not for tuning, the fuel map will need to be in pretty good shape already and the CLL takes significant tuning before it will work effectively also. 

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