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Acquiring Can Data for 8th Gen Civic Si


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Hi!, I'm currently on a venture to acquire Can Data for the 8th Gen Civic Si. The goal is to have a G4X Xtreme ECU to work natively with the OEM Dash.
Do you guys have recommendations on what Can Analyzer Tools I should use? Or maybe Link already has Can Data for the said vehicle and is willing to sell.
And it is possible to do this with the G4X Xtreme ECU right?, as far as I've learned it's possible aslong you just have the CAN ID, Data Location, Speed, and knowing it's Endianess.

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I have little info on this car but I have discussed with some colleagues in the past and I believe most of the important CAN messages in this model use checksums for error checking so it may not be something you will be able to reproduce with the user CAN tools in PC Link.  You will certainly be able to receive all messages from other devices without using the checksum but I suspect other devices wont be happy to accept data from the ecu useless it has the correct checksum in every message.  

My suggestion for a decent CAN tool is a PCAN-USB, genuine ones are ~USD250 or you can get clones for about half that.  The advantage of the PCAN is it is supported by nearly all of the good CAN software tools, including many powerful free options.  The free version of the PCAN software is very basic, but SavvyCAN, TSMaster and BusMaster are free/open source and will pretty much do all you ever need.  You can also use all the Linux tools with PCAN if you really need to.  

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I see, thanks for the input Adam!. It seems its a very hard venture to go into. I'll look into your suggested CAN tool. Will there be a future update for Link to natively integrate into the 8th Gen Civic Si anytime soon or no?

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