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G4x can checked mfd15


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Hi everyone, Google translates for me being French!

I have a Subaru GT99 with a G4X ECU

I want to install a canchecked mfd15 but I would like to be sure that it will work with my g4x.

Who can tell me if it's compatible?

Thank you so much ! :)

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Yes the CANchecked MFD15 is supported well, by default it uses our "Generic Dash 2" stream, which is basic but has most common data that you would need for a gauge.  You can also customise the CAN at both ends if you want to send some extra data that is not in the generic stream.  I am happy to help you on the forum here with custom CAN setup if that is needed.  

The set-up instructions on their website are a bit outdated but this doc should cover most of the ecu setup:  https://www.canchecked.de/wp-content/uploads/connection-guide_LinkECU.pdf



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we installed many MFD15, 28 and 32 both Gen1 and 2 and they work great ! Just make sure you select the LINKECU.TRI File in the CANCHECKED Setup (on the device). Everything else regarding LINK is well described in the document Adam posted, for the streams you can just open the STREAM1/2/3 files which are supplied by CANCHECKED on their website (download), so you don't have to manually type in the streams by hand.

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