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FuryX fault code 60. Lambda error


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As above. I've currently got this error on two different vehicles. 

The lambda reading drops in and out and can be reset after after it drops by doing the old "have you tried turning it off and on again"

The fault code trouble shooting matrix is unclear as it only lists this event for the case of can lambda and lambda signal used on an An Volt input (0-5v). It doesn't list any reason on why it would fault when using the internal ECU lambda controller.

The sensor isn't the issue box swap it on a can lambda and it fine. Its got to be some with the wiring or the 12v power supply. 

Do I need to add the capacitor to the 12 power circuit for the sensor like what it says in the can lambda manual, as I don't believe it would physically be the wiring in this case. 

The lambda worked with out issues on both cars for 2-4 weeks before rearing its head.

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Are they definitely genuine Bosch sensors from a reputable bosch dealer?  I have seen fake sensors with cal resistors way out of spec which could cause this error.  Not many other controllers do as many sensor validations as ours so the fact the sensor "works" on a different controller may not confirm the sensor is ok.  

Assuming the sensor is genuine and good, then I would be looking for a bad connection to pin 1 or 2.  I have seen the terminals push back into the plug if they are not crimped well so have a good look at that too.  

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I have no reason to believe that the supplier is selling me counterfeit Bosch products. 

I do have a few can lambdas on the shelf and I can't pick the difference between the ones link supplies and the Bosch units I buy. 

I have just changed to a better LSU 4.9 connector from the previous ones I was using so I'll pay more attention to that area. 

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