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Hi, looking for some information on whether i can achieve what i need to with my ecu. In the car currently is a g4+ monsoon, it was being used to run a M42B18 with ITB's and K20 coils, ran all that no problemo. the ecu setup and wiring was done by the previous owner of the engine. After a few years of racing that we're now going to an M52TUB28 and ideally it'd be nice if i can run that on my current ecu in like a batch fire setup or something like that. I also am reading things about using M50 crank sensors as well. If anyone could shed some light that'd be much appreciated. Thanks

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The monsoon would do that fine, you could do semi-sequential for fuel, ignition would be wasted spark.  Stock M52 ignition coils are dumb/non-amplified so it would probably be more cost effective to change to smart coils, possibly only need to buy 2 more K20 coils if they fit the M52.  It might be a good idea to keep the M42 idle valve (2 wire I think) to save yourself an aux output and extra wiring (M52 is 3 wire).  

The M52 crank sensor can be used but it is hall effect so needs a 12V power supply.  If you didnt want to run new wiring you could swap to the M50 crank sensor which is reluctor so works without 12V. 

I dont know the M52 variations well, but some have an odd frequency based cam sensor that will not work with aftermarket ecu's.  This was on the models which used a seimens ecu originally - I dont know specifically if the M52TU was one with a seimens ecu.  If yours has that then you need to swap the sensor(s) with one from a M50TU (vanos).  

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Thanks for the reply Adam! 

Would you foresee any issues using K20 coils, or them being not adequate enough to do the job? I figure they ran without fault on the last engine when the limiting factor was not ignition or fuel, so it shouldn't be an issue here either

The 52tub28's or at least this one wired with a siemens ecu, as far as i can tell electrically these are basically an m54 and externally in valve covers and things they look very much identical too, so like you say would be just a matter of using the m50 crank sensor and m50tu cam sensor.


would it be rude to ask if there is a pinout chart available at all? 



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basically pinout for the extra stuff i'd need to add in, so the extra cam sensor and then the two vanos solenoids, everything else is already existing in the loom when i went through it yesterday

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