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Fault code with 60mm Bosch DBW throttle body


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I'm getting ready for first startup but I'm seeing fault code 70 & 76 for the DBW.  I've previously run the TPS calibration which completed fine.  If I turn the motor with the starter then I receive the above codes.  If I turn the motor by hand then I hear the dbw motor click and hum seemingly in response to the crank trigger receiving a signal.  The only thing I would have thought they'd have in common would be sensor ground making me think that maybe the pin out is incorrect but I'm not seeing any error in the wiring.

The crank trigger is a ZF hall sensor wired to a Link loom trigger input & + 8v supply.  The dbw motor is wired as follows:

Pin 1 = - Motor - Aux 10

Pin 2 = sensor ground

Pin 3 = sensor supply +5v

Pin 4 = + Motor - Aux 9

Pin 5 = Sensor signal 1 - An Volt 3

Pin 6 = Sensor signal 2 - An Volt 2

I'm assuming that the ecu wouldn't be attempting to move the throttle plate in response to a crank trigger signal.


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If the "When Stalled" setting is set to quiet mode then the throttle is disabled when the engine is off, it will be enabled when the engine starts turning.  

Will need a log and tune to assist with the DBW error.  

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Ok, it is set to quiet mode so expected result I guess.  I ran the TPS calibration again yesterday afternoon and cleared the fault codes and so far no further faults have been recorded.  If it happens again I'll record a log. Thanks.

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