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Idles but stalls after a few seconds


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Thank you all for everything you have done.
Sorry for all the questions, as this is private.

I was able to bring it from engine start to idling.
However, I have two problems.

1. it is hard to start unless the accelerator is fully opened when starting.
2. after reaching the target idling value, the rpm keeps dropping and the car stalls.

Engine: B18C
Engine specification:
ITB 4 throttle
ITB vacuum surge tank used

I am thinking that changing the idle Posn setting will stabilize the idle RPM, is that correct?

PCデータログ - 2024-01-13 4;28;12 pm.llgx 2024.1.13Honda CR-X始動時にアクセル開度を上げるとかかるエンジン掛かるが途中でエンストする(アイドル点火制御有初回クランク増量補正なし水温補正全域0TPS開度LINKの説明書通りCNAMLAMBDA設定) .pclx

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I would say the main issue is you dont have enough fuel.  You can see the lambda is already very lean at 1.4 when the sensor starts working and it continues to get leaner as the post start enrichment is removed.  

Try adding about 50% to your master fuel number and adjust from there. 

Also your MAP sensor is reading wrong, this wont affect fuel, since it is not being used but will affect functions which use MAP or MAP delta for lockouts etc.  With the engine off the MAP should read about the same as BAP (~101kpa) 


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Thank you very much.
I had overlooked the lambda numbers.
I will adjust the fuel.
I will try the MAP calibration again.

I will set it up and check it out in the next week or so.

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