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1jz-gte trigger scope reading problems


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Hi All, 

I've run into a problem with my 1jz-gte engine, I've changed the ecu to a stormblack link G4+ stand alone ecu.

I've been in for a tune and was getting a misfire at 1500 rpm sometimes 

I've checked everything that could have caused a misfire and everything checks out the only obvious thing left is the problems I'm having with my trigger readings.

Trigger 1(crank angle sensor)  seems to give a good reading sometimes and then other times I get interference this tends to fluctuate when I press the capture button in the trigger scope. 

At this point it's the last thing stopping my project from being completed so any help or suggestions would be much appreciated

I'll attach a pic of the readings I get 

A strange thing I noticed was I was getting a very high min and max volts on the scope and it auto sets the AC voltage to 20, I'm getting voltage somewhere in the 40volt range at idle which doesn't seem right ? 

Can anyone verify any problems with the readings I'm getting 

I've got all the settings set to the default settings for a jzx100 1jz-gte vvti.






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Can you attach the actual trigger scope log file and a copy of the tune.  It looks like the scope is displaying the trigger 1 waveform as a hall rather than a reluctor which I haven't seen before so I suspect you may be running a very old firmware that has a bug in the scope capture.  It also looks like the crank sensor may be wired with incorrect polarity but we would want to get the scope capture working correctly to confirm that.  

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When I tried opening these files it showed no values and took me to a different logging page, not sure if this is the trigger scope log you wanted but this is what it saved when I pressed save as log on the trigger scope page after I captured it. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Ykb4l_XHy4S462G3PZ-v-EUaFmCOW3L9

Yes I noticed that the min and max volts are around the wrong way meaning the polarity is incorrect ? but like you said I'll wait till we figure out what's happening with the scope before changing the wires around. From reading through forums I've noticed a lot of people make that same mistake with the polarity. I will see what firmware I have downloaded and see if I can update to the newest one. 

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Yeah you are on old experimental 5.6.3 firmware that was never released to public as far as I can see.  So in PC Link, go to >help>about and check you are using the latest version (5.6.8).  Assuming you are then it will already have the newer firmware files on your laptop so you can use the firmware update tool to update the ecu.

If your PC Link version is something older, then download and install 5.6.8 from here:   https://www.linkecu.com/pclink/PCLink G4+ EN-JP V5.6.8.3669 Setup.exe?_gl=1*1uah0x1*_ga*MTIxMjM1MzU2MS4xNjA4NDk4NDc3*_ga_YGEEXMZ8NR*MTcwNTQ4MDc4MS4xNDAuMS4xNzA1NDgxNDY1LjE3LjAuMA..

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Hey Adam sorry for the slow reply.

I update the ecu firmware it's now running I did a trigger scope capture and saw no difference, I also changed the polarity around and the min and max volt didn't change how they were from before min is still reading higher than max I did see a change in how the gap on the trigger was displayed so changing the polarity did do something, I'll attach a log with more info tomorrow. I am also running the latest pclink software. The crank sensor is also brand new factory denso sensor so that shouldn't be the problem. 

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Yeah there is still something odd going on with the scope capture but there are no signs of a trigger issue in the log from a couple of days ago so I dont have any real concerns about the trigger at this stage.    

One thing I would try though is to temporarily set the trigger mode to Subaru V1-6, then change it back to the current settings, this will re-initialise all trigger set-up in the firmware.  In this case however I think it is more something messed up in PC link rather than the ecu.  

Rather than chase a phantom trigger scope issue, can you describe the misfire issue in more detail, under what conditions does it occur and what happens?  Can you see it in a log?  

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