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WRX v11 - Looking for confirmation on my sensor wiring plans


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Hey community! 


First time post, long time reader whilst learning/researching my standalone ecu journey. 

I just wanted to check to confirm that my understanding of how I should wire my ethanol sensor/IAT sensor is correct. I've attached some images based on the pinouts I see. But at a high level here is my plan.

Ethanol content sensor (link style).

1. 14v switched feed taken from the fusebox (I only have one extension cable so no 14v feed available that I can see if I use extension port 1?).

2. Grounded on the chassis in the engine bay.

3. DI wired to DI11 below, red cable on pinout in image.

Intake air temp sensor (link)

Senor wired temp4 on expansion port 1 below (grey wire) and grounded on the gnd pin (orange wire) also expansion port1 (believe that polarity isnt a consideration here?).


Thanks in advance for all the help and guidance.


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