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The CAN Keypad needs to be connected to the CAN H and CAN L pins on the ECU's header plug, the keypad will also need to be connected to power and ground which you could use the same power supply and any body or engine earth for.

There are wiring diagrams in the PCLink help manual for how CAN buses typically work.

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I was in the middle of a reply when Vaughan beat me to it.  So here is mine anyhow:

Are you capable of basic wiring/crimping yourself?  Link do offer a variety of CAN cables that could be used, but in this case since neither the keypad or CAN lambda has a built-in termination resistor I think it would be nicer to build your own bus.

Schematically we want to achieve something like this:



In practice there are several different ways to achieve this. One option is to arrange like a daisy chain, provided it does not need to be waterproof you can often crimp two wires into a single connector pin so a splice is not needed.  Something like this (not shown but CAN H & L would be twisted):



Using Link accessories would end up something like below, so possibly more complicated and expensive than it needs to be:


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