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G4+ Fury dash options for offroad truck.


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Hey all,


Complete newbie when it comes to stand alone ECU's I have bought my self a Link Fury G4+ ECU to run my 2.7 V6 from a Suzuki Grand Vitara this will be a stand alone install in my comp truck...

I am looking for recommendation on a dash to suit, I can get my hands on a AIM MXP TFT 6" dash as per the pics but unsure if it will work with my ECU (trying to do my best and keep the budget down) 

An android dash would work to if possible as I use it for navigation at some events....?

Thanks for the help and love to hear any comments on the truck. 






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Yeah this is effectively just a dumb screen, it doesnt have any brain in it, all the processing needs to be done by the PDM, it cant be used without an Aim PDM.  These displays are only GBP$335 brand new so this one is also very over priced.  The standalone Aim dashes have at least 3 connectors on the back with ~40pins total.  

Realdash on a tablet would probably be the lowest cost option but will be quite a learning curve making it do what you want and you need to consider how you want to power it up etc.  

Probably the most common low cost display at present is the powertune digital which would work out a similar price or less than what that Aim is listed for.  They are quite flexible and work well, the main negatives compared to a more commercial product would probably be the 3D printed case and a little slow to boot up.   https://www.powertunedigital.com/collections/all-products-2  

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