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Dbw questions

adam morrison

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Hi, im looking for some info regarding dbw setup 

i have a r53 mini running Honda k20 engine and g4x hc20x plug in ecu i have the engine up and running on a base map with a cable operated throttle.

im now considering swapping it out and going dbw instead, am i right thinking i need to use aux 9 & 10 to power the throttle motor? Or is there other outputs that can be used? 

thanks in advance 


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Hey, can anyone offer some advice. 

I’ve wired up the dbw throttle body and pedal and I’m getting throttle and pedal readings as I should and calibrated them but it doesn’t appear the throttle body is working (I only spent 10 min at it so could be setting related) 

but what I wanted to ask is what do I need to do regarding aux 16 which is for the e-throttle relay 

do I need to wire this up to a relay? I was under impression this wasn’t so but maybe I’m wrong



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If the APS and TPS calibration worked, then your throttle is functionally working, so yes, it's probably configuration.

Share your config file, and people will be able to advise.


However, some questions to maybe help you troubleshoot this yourself...

"Run when stalled" - is this set to Enabled or Quiet Throttle? If set to Quiet, then it won't do anything until the engine is turning.

Have you configured your E-Throttle Target table - you may find it's full of 0s.

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I’ll have another look at it tomorrow when I have more time but I’m not 100% clued up 

i did look at the table and it is infact full of zero’s and there’s also a couple other settings that are empty which after searching this forum have found required settings for my throttle body 

I just started to wonder if there was something I missed wiring wise regarding the e-throttle relay 



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You dont need to do any wiring in regards to the E-throttle relay, just in the software the E-throttle relay needs to be set to Aux 16.  Once configured correctly and working, keep a close eye on the runtime "Aux 9/10 Supply", especially during cranking, it should normally show within a volt or 2 of battery voltage.  There have been a few H20X ecu's returned that had an incorrect resistor(s) fitted that caused the symptom of very low aux 9/10 voltage when the bat voltage drops.  I dont know if that is widespread or not.

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