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I'm trying to set up knock control on my G4X Atom. In the Link manual, it mentions that on v3 or newer there is knock control through pin 6.

I've wired up my knock sensor here but am not getting a knock reading when tapping it with a screwdriver. I've tried flipping around the wiring in case the ground was the wrong way around but still nothing.
I am using a genuine Bosch knock sensor. https://msel.co.nz/bosch-knock-sensor-with-junior-timer-electrical-connector/

I would assume that it would get set to "Always On" as there is no option for using pin 6 but maybe I've set someone else incorrectly? I'd assume that I still should be getting some kind of reading.

2024-01-31 07_25_40-Link ECU Online Manual.png

2024-01-31 07_33_56-PCLink Engine Management - G__My Drive_Golf MK2 Resources_ITB swap notes_Tuning .png

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With the Disable input set to "Always ON", knock control will always be disabled, set this to off.  Assuming you have cylinder tables allocated and the engine is running then you should see knock levels if you tap the sensor.  

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Sorry guys, I never got a chance to post up a log as I had to fix a major oil leak behind the came gear and had been waiting on a timing belt to finish it up. Got it back together today and took it for a test drive and it looks like there is a knock reading now as it goes to active so maybe it was due to TPS lockout.

I've attached a log anyway from my drive.



I think I wasn't previously getting a reading as the power and ground were around the wrong way on the sensor.

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