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Nissan NATSII and your NS15G4

Tom Park

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Hello, If it is known, could you tell me if your NS15G4 plug-in ecu will be compatible with Nissans own NATSII alarm and immobiliser system? I'm looking at standalone management options, but I will also need Thatcham Cat 1 alarm and immobiliser for insurance purposes and I'd rather not have to fork out for more equipment than I have to when NATSII is perfectly good. Thanks, Tom.

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We have never come across this at any stage Tom, I am quite intetrested in the outcome.  Anyone who has bought one of these has not had any immobilisatoin issues that I have heard of.  Are you just being super careful before buying the ECU, or are you convinced it is a problem somehow, as you have tried the Link and it immobilises your car?


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I am just doing research at the moment and it's for a cost saving exercise more than anything else. I've not bought the ECU yet. Considering NATSII is a Thatcham Category 1 recognised immobiliser and it's already there as standard on UK late model 200SX's, I thought it would be good to keep if the hardware could work with the G4. Maybe the information I am asking for is a bit security sensitive, so I understand if people don't want to give it out.

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