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Hello, I've installed my G4 on a modified 124 Abarth (I have forged piston and rods).

I've installed the G4 Knocklink Kit (G4KNLK) in the 2 wires sensor configuration.

My current map pushes about 2 bar until 6000 rpm and then decrease boost linearly to about 1,6 bar at redline (7500 RPM).

Now, as you can see from the video, my G4 starts to blip red continuously above 6100 rpm all the way to redline (on the left A pillar you can see the blipping). In the video in my hand I'm holding a phone with Torque linked via OBD to the car, where you can see timing advance and AFR. 

My maps has kept all stock safety features enabled (so if detects detonation it should retard timing).

Given that, non sign of timing adjustment is shown, do you think that red blipping can be considered as a false alarm or what?

(I'm using 100 RON fuel and for this last trial of the video I've added 2 laters of ethanol to a full fuel tank, I'va also tried installing 1 degree colder sparks, but in all conditions the results ar pretty much identical - red blipping study above 6100 all the way to 7500)

Let me know Patrick


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The knocklink uses the alternator ripple that is present on the power supply wire as an indication of engine RPM to internally map knock level against RPM.  Some modern cars disable the alternator for a short time at WOT and/or high RPM, so it could possibly be your alternator is disabled around this point. 

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Thanks Adam,

Your answer could be the one I was looking for. I will investigate at which RPM the alternator is automatically disconnected.

I know for a fact that A/C (if selected on) is automatically disconnected at 6500 RPM in my car, And I'm guessing that if alternator is disconnected as well It would be in that neighbourhood. In my video I start to notice red blipping at 6000 and above and that might seem to be a reasonable range (my alternator is a DENSO SC2 150 A with LIN regulator). 

Now if that's the case, is it normal that if G4 loses alternator input it blips red continuously ?



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13 hours ago, pattbone said:

Now if that's the case, is it normal that if G4 loses alternator input it blips red continuously ?

If it doesnt have an "RPM" signal or if the alternator drops the voltage by some other means that affects the ripple frequency then the knocklink will see a lower RPM and therefore use a lower noise threshold.   

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