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Ej205 Trigger Issues


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I am having issues with first startup. Injectors are firing but no spark from the coils. The coils work during test mode but when cranking I see 0 dwell and don't get any spark.


Setup is USDM EJ205, IGN1A's, ID1050x


It doesn't seem to like the trigger settings, and gets stuck in a Test Gap/Verify Gap loop.

originally I assumed that my timing belt is off but I double checked it and it seems perfect.


Is there anything obvious I'm missing?

Trigger Scope - 2024-02-1 2;57;55 am.llgx gc8 v2.pclx

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Both the crank sensor and cam sensor (front) are wired with the incorrect polarity, and you are using the wrong trigger mode.  Swap the +/- wires at the sensor plugs and change the trigger mode to "Subaru V7-10(JDM)" and you should be closer to something that will work.  

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