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Some questions on EVO8 p&p G4X - pinout issue - CL lockout delta TPS


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Hallo everybody,

first question is about evo8 G4X p&p pinout: on installation manual is indicate that the clutch input is connect to pin 46 -> DI10


but on oem EDM connector this input is on pin 43, and also pin 46 on link ecu is not connected to DI10.


Second question:

tuneing this evo8 in close loop lambda mode, i'm asking why %TPS lockout remains active (for several seconds) in this log (2nd, 3rd and 4th WOT with flat shift):  


Ok, I've set a very sensible value of lockout:image.png.c887ad6a0e71ed6367b9cd208d68a542.png but TPS in this log is stable at 100%, why this happen?


bye Filippo


wot 2-3-4.llgx

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Your lockout is from change in TPS. It also has a reactivation delay of 5 samples. The sample length is taken from your Update Rate Table, In hertz. So if you have a value of 1 in there, its gonna wait 5 seconds to activate. If you have a value of 10 there, it will reactivate in 0.5s. Lower samples and/or increase update rate.

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tks Adam, i'll rise that value. I'm used to calibrate tps in wot a little bit before the total pedal stroke , to ensure that in wot position calibration records a stable value of 100%.


And what about pinout? I remember the same issue on Evo8 g4+ ecu too... Evo9 p&p is ok instead.

tks bye

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