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Can I run multiple maps on this dash? if so can I set it up so I could have a sport mode which would be high boost and it would change the dash colours and what it shows me, and then have a normal mode which would be low boost and change the dash again? Any help appreciated cheers 

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I would suggest you download race studio 3 and have a go at setting up a config so you can see what sort of display pages are available.  

You can have up to 8 different "display pages" set up, you can swap between those with the buttons on the dash, external wired buttons, or automate with conditions such as display the "warm up" page when the coolant temp is under 40°C.  The pages can all have different layouts.  The page layouts are relatively fixed but there is a decent range of styles to choose from, you can change what channels are displayed, the colours, and various font settings for each field.  Some pages have configurable icons you can set up as indicator or warning lamps etc.  There are two further pages for displaying camera inputs.  

Currently available layouts:



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