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CAN Messaging for generic display


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I have a generic display that I'm fooling around with to see if the Link can send it some data.

Messages look like this:


From the data byte, I know that:

2B is common to every message sent

05 is the element ID on the page

20 is common to every message sent

07 is common to every message sent

14 00 is the value for the gauge to display. If the data is AB CD hex then the decimal number is (CD in decimal)*256 + (AB in decimal)

ie 14 00 = 20, F7 02 = 759, etc.

Is this doable?

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If my brain isn't twisted around that's just Little Endian (LS First, Least significant bit first)  for byte 4/5.

What I do is create a math block for a base line zero, then use the offset (in decimal) for each byte to equal the hex i wanna send for static values.

What value are you trying to send it on byte 4/5?



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Guilty Garages set up would achieve what you want.  Just the start position for "MAP" or whatever you are sending to the gauge should be 39 rather than the 55 shown.  

The other way to do a constant rather than the mathblock is just to use any parameter, set the multi to 0 and offset to the static value you want.  

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Awesome, thanks guys. I was able to set up that configuration and it's still not talking, I need to ping the manufacturer and make sure I have the right ID and baud rate. And I should probably actually pick up the correct programmer for the screen so I can configure it.

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