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WRX v11 ABS/TCS/Hill Start Assist on


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just installed a new WRX v11 plugin and these warning lights showed up. car has also deactivated these 3 functions.

is there any way to restore these function?

car is a 2008 GRF STI with CAN guage and CAN Lambda accessories. 

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Try changing to the alternative CAN mode than you are currently using (button start/Key start - regardless of what the car actually has for an ignition switch), click apply, ok, do a store, then power cycle ign off for a few seconds before restarting.  The wrong CAN mode is the usual cause of the ABS and related errors/lamps. 


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Thank you Adam. I managed to restore the ABS, TCS and Hill Assist by changing the CAN mode.

However, the cruise control button seems to be dead. It will not activate cruise control as i press the button.

The Si Drive mode although will change on my cluster as I turn the toggle switch, but i can't feel any difference in the throttle response now.

Can you please take a look and see what went wrong?


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Cruise control wont work because you dont have a brake switch assigned.  It is connected to DI5 in our default config but you have changed that to Antilag.  

The SI Drive switch isn't set up to do anything by default, you can set it up to do whatever you want.  It comes in on CAN AN 1 as noted below.  


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