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jz knock tune

Adeeb Chowdhury

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1.wanted to know if the map for 1jzgte vvti (7bar) inside the pc link software has the same as stock oem ignition table or not??

2.also was looking for oem tune for the knock sensor so that there's a base map to tune the knock from or to keep the stock knock logic if not tuned. 

3. what should be a good starting point for the threshold tables at different rpm/tps ranges and suggestions to tune the knock from scratch without a knockblock??

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Any of the base tunes provided are most likely *not* going to be the same values as a stock ecu.  My personal experience with Toyotas is that the OEM ecu is extremely aggressive on ignition advance and relies heavily on the knock detection system to keep the motor safe and pull timing.  Most often when switching to engine management I've found that all things being equal (boost levels, standard pump fuel, etc.) power is slightly lower on relatively stock engines once tuned and "safe".  It's going to take a lot of fiddling to get the knock thresholds right, as well as the detection frequency and gain levels right I find.  A 1jz should have 86mm bore and so use the 6 or 7khz narrow band unless the signals are all to high even with a gain of zero then go to the second order frequency of 13 or 14kHz and play with gain again to ideally get a clean run to redline with the vehicle not experiencing knock and maximum knock values in the 600-700 range.

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I am using Bosch doughnut type knock sensor. And I also have access to Knock block as well. But I can't have the both installed together so that I can hear the actual knock from the knock block and datalog from the engine dedicated knock sensor at the same time. I have to use one system at a time as there is no other point to install the extra pair of knock sensors to the block.

But was thinking if I install the the knock block's sensors on top of the engine knock sensors with a longer bolt would that work? Or the one that's closer to the block would be more efficient to detect knock? (May be not as it would be solid tighten and sound travels the best through solids, as per my understanding but still asking).

And about the setting to understand better, you are suggesting to setup the 6k frequency and set my knk threshold then change the frequency to 13k the set it up again. Also the knk threshold value should not exceed the 600mark upto redline?


My current settings is at 6k. But it's detecting knk very badly around 5-7psi boost within 2500-3000rpm. I adjusted my timing and added fuel but still it's knocking at the same area. Even at 12-16 advance it's knocking. Also using this low ignition angle the car seems slow as well.

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Any suggestions on how should I setup my knk gain level per cylinder and threshold? Also how to setup my ignition table depending on that. @Adamw thanks in advance

One more question, link ECU isn't reading speed input from the cluster and the cluster isn't reading the rpm. The wiring seems to be fine. The car is altezza. It was reading fine with the previous 1j vvti ECU.

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