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Maserati Biturbo carb to EFI

Leonhard Studhalter

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Hi i have a maserati Biturbo from 1985, this car has an Weber carb. Wit two turbochargers on a 90(angle) V6 2.5 litre tree valve engine. So i found a Manifold with 6 holes for fuel injectors (from a1989 model). The engine has just the ignition signal from the coil, can i use this signal for the injectors? The car has a pressure sensor up to 1.5 bar from the manifold and a solenoid for the turbocharger. Thats all i have, if i need i can use the parts from a rs legacy subaru. Its posibele to create a basemap for this engine? I hava also an innovate lc1 lambda controller. Can u help me? Thx

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We have actually supplied a few ECUs for Biturbos over the years. The G4 range is not geared to accept a signal from coil negative as it is always best to control ignition as well. I would suggest that fitting a trigger to the crank or cam and then taking full control as the best option. An ECU that can do both functions is no more expensive. As far as a base map goes start with our default and configure and tune to suit.

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