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please take a look at my map. something is off. just got it tuned last week.


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so I took my car to the only tuner in town and I'm not too pleased with it. The fuel table looks questionable in 3D graph. something weird happens at cruising speeds at 2800-3200 RPMs the car jolts like it's not getting enough fuel, or the timing or ignition is off. plus, its saying "Fuel Calculation damped at its minimum value. Please check fuel settings". the tuner said he doesn't know how to fix it. maybe someone here does? I'm bringing it back to him next week so it can be fixed because I'm not to happy with it right now. i will post my map he did so someone can tell me if its a good tune or not ill also post a log. it's a 97 Toyota levin ae111 bz-r 4age 20v blacktop. 

FTW Tune.pclx PC Datalog - 2024-02-21 6;51;42 am.llgx

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Too many issues there... Notable ones are:
- Trigger errors
- AFR Target Table --- must be rpm vs MAP or MGP.
- Ignition table --- should be rpm vs TPS (since your engine is on ITBs).
- Idle Speed Control --- incomplete setup
- Overrun Fuel Cut --- not setup
- Accel Enrichment --- not setup
- Knock control --- incomplete setup

Sorry but with the way that tuner has so far done things there, I don't think he will do any better. You need to find another tuner...

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