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Commodore ls1 idle air control


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In the middle of redoing a harness in a ls1. Noticed there is no circuit or connector in the loom for the idle air control solenoid. 

Should it have come with one or has someone removed it from the loom? Can I get the required section if loom through link?

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2 hours ago, Vaughan said:

Is it an E-Throttle or cable throttle engine/loom?

It's a throttle cable


2 hours ago, Adamw said:

Assuming you talking about a Link terminated engine harness?

The stepper adapter is sold separately.  Or the pinout of the IAC DTM connector on the loom is in the manual if you want to make your own.  


This is what the adapter looks like: https://dealers.linkecu.com/LS-Stepper-Adapter


I do believe it was a full plug a play terminated harness.

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