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First time Razor PDM - please check my plan


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Hi everyone,

I might have a job soon that will be using Razor PDMs. I've done a handful of Hardwire PDMs but this is my first Razor.

Could someone put eyes on my plan to let me know if I'm going in the right direction?

RB25 Turbo, Link Fury G4X, Link 8 button keypad, AIM Dash.



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I would recommend having the ECU, injectors and Lambdas on the same high power output as the Coils. The Lambdas could have trouble heating on the low power channel and it's generally best to have the ECU on the same supply as coils and injectors for deadtime and dwell purposes.

Note also the low power outputs will soft limit while in over current situations before the trip time is reached and this can cause weird issues when powering the ECU.

With the keypad make sure you only have one device listening to it and that device telling the others what the buttons states are as this prevents race conditions and prevents clashing button LED messages. For the hazards you would most likely want the front PDM telling the rear PDM the hazard output status rather than the keypad button status so that they flash in time with each other.

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Thank you for the quick response.

Am I also correct in thinking that the fuel level sensor through the PDM needs an external pull-up resistor like with the ECU?

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"Each ADIO has a software configurable 4k7 pull-up to 5V" so if you need a pullup to something other than 5V or a different value than 4.7kOhm then yes you would need an external pull-up resistor.

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