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ECU Recommendation for 2JZGE ITBs


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After my 1GFE 1990 Toyota Soarer stopped working, I decided I'd stop struggling to find parts to repair it and swap out the old stuff. I'm putting in a 2JZ GE and a W58 and I'd like to eventually put on an ITB kit. This is the first car I've worked on and it's been a huge learning experience, though very rewarding so far and I'm sure it'll continue to be. 

However, I can't wrap my head around ECU's and which one I want or need. I understand the very basics but can't understand what to actually look into. 
I've seen a few of these setups in Supras, GS300s etc. 

So my question is - Which ECU would you recommend and why? 

Thank you very much.

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An Atom or a Monsoon would be very limiting in terms of IO (limited numbers of analog inputs, temperature inputs, digital inputs and auxiliary outputs) and you would need to run waste spark (or distributer based spark if your engine has that) and some form of group or semi-sequential injection as they only have 4 Ignition and 4 Injection drives.

A Storm would let you run direct spark and sequential injection and has more inputs and outputs than the smaller ECUs.

An Xtreme has more inputs and outputs, the ability to run E-Throttle without an external module and also has a 2nd CAN bus.

A Fury has 6 ignition outputs where an Xtreme and Storm have 8 but this isn't an issue for your 6 cyl engine and a Fury has a built in wideband controller so you don't have to purchase and wire in an external one.

We do also do a plugin for the non vvti mk4 supra so depending on what loom you are using you could go with a plugin option.

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