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Running volvo i5 on mx5 pnp g4x


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So I have a couple questions, I've been doing all the setup work to figure out how I want to make my custom harness to slide a volvo T5 into my 1990 mx5 and I realized that my pnp only has 4 injector drivers exposed (go figure), later in the manual it also says that there are no drivers for inj7 and 8. does that mean that 5 and 6 may possibly exist? I also can't find ignition 5 and 6 anywhere on the pinout either.

Is there a feasible way I could run a 5 cylinder on 4 inj and ign pins or should I look at upgrading to a g4x extreme wire-in for the extra outputs?

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Ignition 5 and 6 aren't exposed anywhere but Ignition 7 & 8 are on the expansion connector.

Injection 5-8 aren't exposed anywhere.

You could make the ignition work with a the new injector/ignition pin reallocation and you could make the injection work as a group injection but probably best to get in touch with tech support about getting it modified to have those pins exposed. Tech support should be able to get those outputs coming out on flying leads or connected to unused pins on the main header for a small fee, have a think about what other pins you might need too before sending it back such as extra analogs.

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