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lsu4.9 sensor interchangeable


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i'm using haltech wb1 with my g4x, i guess lambda sensor goes(reading about 6 at wot) bad and i want to change it

haltech wb1 came with 0258 017 169(5 wire) numbered bosch sensor i want to use 0281 004 821(6 wire)


does it matter whether the sensor has 5 or 6 wires, as long as there is a resistor in the socket?





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according to the diagrams I get off parts sites, the 258 017 169 *is* a six wire one.

and 0281 004 821 is also a six-wire one, since it's an LSU4.9 ?

what's the missing wire ? ;)

the resistor has to be there for it to have calibration.

They both appear to have the same connector, at least based on parts diagrams. I'd just try it and see.

If one of them really only has 5 pins, it may be damaged ?

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Thank you Adamw, i found 0258 017 169(vag groups are using oem like vw tiguan audi q3 etc.), but i guess it will be break down too lol then i'll try another one 

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