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laptop requirements


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Hello, I need to purchase a laptop to inteface with a Link Monsoon and a Motec M84 I have on another car.

What sort of capability in terms of RAM requirements etc should I be looking for?


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Nothing special needed in terms of processing power for either of those ECU's.  The only thing I cant confirm is if the M84 software works in win 11, I remember it had some issues when win 10 first came out that has since be solved.  

Make sure screen res is at least 1366 x 768, preferably 1920 x 1080 as it allows you to make much more useful layout pages.  Solidstate drives are pretty much standard nowadays but make sure the options you are considering do have one. 

My usual advice is to base the decision more on factors such as battery life, screen size & resolution, screen visibility in sunlight and the types of ports available and their location.  Most cars I tune are right hand drive for example, so a laptop that only has USB ports on the RH side would be a major pain in the ass for me.  The arrow and PgUp/Dn keys get a lot of use in PC Link so their location and size is always a consideration I make, I especially dislike when those are combined with other keys.  A number pad is nice but typically only available on >15.6 sizes, I prefer the size/portabilty balance of 14" now. 

No idea of your budget etc, but for the last year or so I have been using an Asus UM425QA, and this ticks a lot of boxes for me.  Nice and thin/light and the best battery life I have ever had, they quote 15hrs which is probably a stretch but I get about 8-10hrs tuning with the screen brightness near max and the video card settings in performance mode.  It is not particularly sturdy so may not be a good choice for everyone.   

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