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Adding traction control to G4X Storm on a Gen 3 Dodge Viper


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Hey guys, just looking to add traction control to my twin turbo Viper. I'm running a G4X Storm. I came across a wheel speed sensor kit that Viper Specialty Performance sells, I emailed them to find out what sensors come in their kit. Here's a link to the kit


Would I be able to wire those sensors directly into the ECU? Or do I need something like this box to covert the wheel speed sensors into CAN signal?


I understand that the ECU has one CAN input?

Not sure if I'm over complicating this with the CAN box.

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They can be wired directly to the ECU, but you'll require 4 Digital Inputs.

Well, actually, technically, you'll only need 2, as you can get away with one front wheel (driven) speed sensor and one rear wheel (driving) speed sensor. If you've already got a gearbox speed sensor hooked up, you already have a driving speed sensor, so you'll only need 1 free Digital Input (and one sensor).

But more information is always better... :)

If you can't find those free Digital Inputs, then you can bring that into the ECU via CANBUS.

So long as the CAN isn't already used for a predefined vehicle specific function, then you can add multiple devices to a CAN network at the same time.

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I dont particularly like "intercepter" type devices, they have to make a lot of assumptions about injector and ignition events, dwell times etc and since they dont have any of idea of the scheduling the ecu is doing, there will be conditions under which they will be commanding sparks and or injection events at the wrong times.  Especially during limiters and fast transients.   

One thing you could try is a more basic traction control with the Storm.  The storm will still calculate slip if you have driven and driving wheel speeds assigned.  You can use the open loop power reduction part of the power management function to control slip with retard and cuts. 

A quick explanation with a crude example below: 

Say I wanted to allow about 7% slip in 3rd gear and above.  The open loop Ign trim will start to retard ign when slip goes above 5%, the retard will ramp up to a max of 30deg by 7% slip.  If slip continues to increase above7% with max retard, then the open loop cut will start adding cuts, up to a max of 40% cuts at 10% slip.    


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ok that could work. I talked to my tuner and he said he doesn't like using traction control as it can lead to engine damage. I'm gonna add wheel speed sensors and wire them into the Storm and maybe he can make your suggestion work. I understand that I might need some sort of a frequency reduction device? My stock tone ring has 48 teeth, so I think the frequency will be too high for the ECU to read?

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I think I need one of these... https://shop.vems.hu/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=162

Question is, which one should I get? I guess I need two of them... one per sensor?

  • divby8 selectable with solderblob (default)
  • divby4 selectable with solderblob
  • divby2 only available on the 4024 chip, not selectable with solderblob (not recommended)

Im assuming just the default one? Would that mean it would divide 48 teeth by 8 and show 6 teeth to the ECU?

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Drain is most likely a shield wire for the signal - so it should most likely go to sensor ground as well as the 0v or ground pin.  The sensor spec shows it can take 4.5v to 24v input - so 5v or 12v should both work ok - as long as your "low" voltage input drops below 1v when low. Signal wire needs to run to a digital input on the ecu.

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I was gonna do the following

pin 1 Drain - shield (loom A pin 7)

pin 2 0V - ground (Loom A pin 25)

pin 3 Sig - Di 2 (Loom A pin 31) Front sensor

pin 3 Sig - Di 3 (Loom A pin 23) Rear sensor

pin 4 8V - 8V out (Loom A pin 6)

I’m hoping that DI pins 1-4 are high frequency pins, that’s the only thing I’m unsure of 

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