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Dash strada fuel level sensor


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Good morning sorry for my English I'm French I bought an aim fuel level sensor can you help me configure it in the strada 1.2 dashboard? 

for calibration? possible to have the information in % or in liters?

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See if this document helps:  https://www.aim-sportline.com/download/faqs/eng/hardware/sensors/mx_series/FAQ_Sensors_MXx12_StradaSpieIcone_100_eng.pdf

Connection is described on page 3, and software set up on page 10 & 11.  

Another doc with slightly more detail of software setup:  https://www.aimsports.com/webinars/Documents/FAQ_RS3_Fuel_level_101_eng.pdf


If anything is not clear to you after following these documents then reply here and I will try to give more specific help.

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Hello Adam 

I connected a VDO probe 

Empty 465 mv tank

full tank 160mv

I have I did a pullup with an 830 ohm resistor

can you tell me if the resistance is good? or if I also have to put a capacitor? will you have the cable please? for the dash strada



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