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Wrong Temp calibration for Bosch NTC 0 261 230 340


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First of all, all of the datasheets I found online for this sensor have the same calibration as what is implemented in Link software, but I think that maybe that info is incorrect or I could have a fake sensor. I bought the sensor from a reputable source I think. 

Ok, from my testing the correct Calibration for this sensor is the standard bosch calibration (0 280 130 017). 

With the engine off for a few hours and also checking the thermostat housing with a thermocouple, if I choose the "0 261 230 340" calibration the reading is off by 10°c compared with the thermocouple and the IAT:


If I select the "0 280 130 017" calibration, all readings are the same:



Also checking the ECT while cruising on the highway, the temperature drops until the thermostat opening temperature and matches with the "0 280 130 017" calibration. An at last, at 90°C (measured with the thermocuple on the thermostat housing) the calibration matches the "0 280 130 017" calibration. 

Does anyone use this sensor that could help me corroborate this? 





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No, the '340 sensor as with 99.9% of all bosch NTC's definitely uses the standard bosch calibration, 2500ohms at 20°C.  

The 0280130017 is a rare calibration, the only application I know of is a cyl head temp sensor that was only used for a couple of years in the seventies on VW engines with d-jetronic.  Air cooled cyl head and 12V pull-up, hence the unusual calibration  


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Shit! Thanks, I missed the "STD Bosch NTC" and thought that 0280130017 was the standard one. 

The strange thing is that then the 0 261 230 340 sensor should use the "STD Bosch NTC" and not the "Bosch NTC 0 261 230 340" calibration?

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