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crank trigger error

Ross gardiner

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hi guys have  changed my camshaft and now have a  random trigger one error.car runs fine for short periods but goes to fuel cut at idle due to rpm limit reached and this is all at idle .although the idle is erratic which i think is due to the skipping of the trigger signal i .disconnected the fuel and was still getting trigger error randomly while cranking  i think the rpm spike is as stated ealier .the only thing i have changed is the camshaft and had the distributor out which only has the signal pickup for the camshaft as i am running wasted spark .i have put a timing light on to test and it is as close as i can get as the dyno guy has locked the crank angle at 20 deg btdc and my indicator only goes to 15deg

i will call him tommorow

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Hi Motionper


I assume you have added a sync signal to enable the sequential and prior the engine was running happy on just a crank trigger?


If this is the case you need to look at the configuration / wiring of the sync signal.

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