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4A-GE 20V Turbo

Dadoulis Paschalis

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Hi all!! One little problem came up with the above engine when setup a LEM G3!! This type of engine is originally with Distributor but we've made a modification to this and we changed this with a Corolla/Avensis trigger setup Multitooth 36 Missing 2 !! So our problem is following: The car starts just fine and everything is working smoothly and nice till 4500 rpm!! Pclink shows everything working correctly, till that point signals from rpm sensor and all other sensors like trigger sensor, trigger errors stay at 0 or 1, but as soon as we are at 4500 rpm and over, it starts doing some "crazy" things, rpm getting crazy, does like having fully wrong ignition map, (of course it doesn't)!! TPS is calibrated ok and functions correctly and maps are ok!! Any ideas? Shall I change the whole triggering setup with the old stock distributor setup so as to be sure that it is not the reason?? Forgot to tell that we are running on MSD ignition if any problem with this please let me know!! Any help appreciated!! Thanks a lot for your time!

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The first area to look at will be the arming voltages in your trigger menus. You might need to lower these from about 4000RPM and up. Also try reducing your filter levels on trigger 1 to level 2 or 1 if they are not currently.

MSD ignition is good for making lots of electrical noise so the running of shielded wires for your triggers will be a must.


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Kurt:  Remeber to use 4D fuel mapping on a multi throttle engine to get around the weak vacuum signal...

Dadoulis:  We do not keep a database of trigger offsets, these are easily determined using a timing light.  Refer to the PCLink help for more info...

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