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Wideband placement

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Running a big single turbo on a 350Z. Uses factory headers where the oem widebands have been used. Moving over to a single wideband. There is a bit of exhaust tubing but I’m trying to find the best place for a wideband placement.

It doesn’t seem like temp is the issue as it’s 24” minimum before the turbo, and 36-48+” if after the turbo. Is pressure a concern with NTK sensor and readings. I won’t be running emap so no auto compensation. It just seems like post turbo is way too down stream.

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keep using a post turbo lambda even if its further downstream.

even if you don't use it for CL purposes on partial load, it will be usefull to have an eye on what's going on under load, where the two pro turbo ones will be used only to ensure both banks are running close enough to each other

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I've run NTK L2H2 sensors with other ecus/controllers at 3" from turbo exit and they have lasted more than a decade this way.  They tend to be a brick house by comparison with LSU sensors in my opinion.

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