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RB25 PRP Crank Trigger Issues


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Hello everyone,

I am runnning into issues about the PRP trigger kit with the crank not receiving a signal to the ECU on my built rb25 neo using a LINK GTTLINK ecu accompanied with a wiring specialties harness . I am sure that everything is wired correctly. I used a multimeter to determine the following values. 
Black - Ground 

White - Power 12V

Red - Crank trigger 1 

Green - Cam Trigger 2 

the cam trigger works perfectly with the output signal putting 4V while the crank output signal putting 2.2V Idling. 
I verified I was getting 4 volts at the harness but then it drops to 2.2 while the engine was running but then when I would try to add 12V to the trigger the car would immediately die which I suspected was okay because it was a 5V sensor.  I also am running into connectivity issues from the ECU to the laptop where it would stay connected but then disconnects when revving to about 4k RPM. I changed the tuning cable and still same issue. I was having the same issue where the crank would lose signal at higher RPMs but it would stay connected at idle. 

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The trigger scope is the correct way to check trigger sensor outputs, multimeter will just show you an average voltage over a reasonably long time, not the actual waveform. Have you seen the engine speed in PCLInk drop to 0 while holding it at a high RPM? do you have any logs of this? if so attach a log showing this and a copy of your basemap.

In terms of the PCLink connection issues what spark plugs and ignition system are you using? PCLink connection issues at higher engine speeds can often be attributed to ignition noise.

There were also some hardware improvements made for improving PC comms which early plugins don't have, attaching a picture of the ECU's top board and the serial number would let us confirm if your ECU has these modifications or not.

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