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r34 not starting


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Hey guys,

having trouble with my r34 not starting. Used to start well, however when it was hot it wouldnt start unless jump started. I moved the battery to the boot, bought a bigger correctly sized battery for it etc. Found a blown fuse and replaced it as well, which gave me some success. However a week on from then, it now doesnt start at all. Battery has been on charge and is full, i have checked voltage at lots of pins which stays above 9-10v while cranking. My issues appears to be, that ignition and injectors will turn on and off while its cranking, not allowing it to start. I believe its allowed me to do a log while cranking so ill attach it below.


running a nz wirng trigger kit also, which seems to make start up take a while longer when everything is working as it should, unsure if this is an issue or not as well.






PC Datalog - 2024-03-28 12;30;19 pm.llgx

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