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G4X PlugIn CA18DET, Understanding if suitable for application


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I have a Volvo 240 which has had a Nissan CA18det engine conversion. It is currently running an Apexi Power FC ECU. I'm thinking about putting something that isn't 20+ year old technology in there and the Link G4X plugin was my preferred choice.

I am a complete noob/idiot when it comes to all this, so am really looking for some advice from people with more knowledge and experience than me to help out.


Thing that i would like to achieve with this are:

  • MAP based tuning (rather than the 30 year old Nissan Maf currently on there)
  • ECU based boost control (rather than an add on JDM boost controller currently stuck in my volvo)
  • Wideband o2 sensor (added safety cutoff)
  • Bosch E-throttle DBW
  • Exhaust butterfly valve (controlled by ECU)
  • Should i be looking at changing the 30year old Nissan CAS???


I then want to use the old switches on the volvo 240 centre console to activate certain things:

  • on-on-on switch for Exhaust valve, position1 valve always closed, position2 valve controlled by ECU (open after 4k), position3 always open
  • off-(on) switch to activate cruise controll
  • (on)-off-(on) switch to increase or decrease cruise control speed
  • off-on switch to set a rev limit of 4k for if i let someone i don't trust drive the car
  • Four position rotary switch off-on-on-on for launch control , off-3k-4k-5k.
  • A hidden switch off-on than works as a kill switch cutting fuel and ignition (will be turned off manually every time the car is parked)

Attached a pic as an example of the type of switches...

In my head this is something a £1600+ standalone ECU should be capable of, but i need to know if its actually applicable in real life. What work arounds would be required to make it work etc.


Thanks for any help,




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From reading other posts it sounds like my biggest problem may be lack of i/o interfaces?

A solution to this may be something like the EcuMaster Can Switch Board v3? Does this information sound correct?

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