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Engine Cuts Out after Start Up


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I just installed Power Tune digital dash and their tech support remotely set it up for me. The dash works fine and so did the engine when I first fired it up. The second time I went to fire up the engine, it would cut out after 2 seconds, the only way to keep it running is blipping the throttle (like an old car on carbs).

I tried loading a copy of my tune from before the Power Tune dash was installed and still the same result of the engine cutting out. So it can't be any changes made by the tech support from Power Tune Dash.

I have tried recalibrating the TPS, checking that all of my wiring and engine sensors are plugged in and still having issues.

Attached is a copy of the tune along with 2 different logs, one log is of the engine starting and running for 2 seconds and the other is running for longer by blipping the throttle pedal.

When I looked at the logs, I saw the MAP reading remained the same when blipping the throttle, should that increase just a little even when just revving the engine? 

I appreciate any help to solve this.

link_pro_dash.pclx PC Datalog - 2024-03-26 3;36;56 pm.llgx PC Datalog - 2024-04-3 4_13_02 pm.llgx

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Your BAP is 96kPa, so with the engine off your MAP should read about the same.  Yours is currently reading 8kPa so something is wrong with the MAP sensor or its wiring.  The analog input is showing 0.06V so it seems something must be connected, but it is wired wrong or something.  


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Thanks Adam.

None of the wiring has changed on my loom, chances are the MAP sensor is bad and will need replacing. I have the standalone Link 4 Bar MAP sensor, perhaps its time to try a new one. This one is less than a year old.

Is there anyway to test a MAP sensor to see if its bad?

Are there any other brands of 4 bar MAP sensors I can get here in the US from an auto parts store that would work?

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I thought I would check the connector on the MAP sensor and I wiggled the wiring block that goes to the ECU, I then tried to start the engine and it fired up and stayed running. It must be a lose pin either at the ECU or the MAP sensor. 

It's too late to run the engine and post a new log, one of my neighbours already hates me for my car being (in his opinion) too loud. I will post a log tomorrow morning.

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