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Link Fury fuel pump triggering

Reaper Lux

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All new to me so be patient please , I`ve just upgraded my fuel system and wish to know is the trigger wire from the ecu is it a power or ground trigger . I really didn`t think it would have a big enough volts to be a positive trigger  ?

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I moved to the G4+ forum as you posted in the G4 forum and there is no G4 Fury.  So I assume you have a G4+ or G4X.

The Fury has aux outputs capable of both high side drive (+12V) and lowside drive (switch to ground).  Aux 5,6,7,8 can do high or low side, all the others can do lowside only.  Obviously these dont power the fuel pump directly, they just switch the fuel pump relay on and off.  


Lowside drive wired like below is the most common:


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