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somme problems with the g4 plugin for Legacy RS

Leonhard Studhalter

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Hi Short: My english it isnt verry good i think maybee this it is my problem. so i bought a G4 plugin vor my legacy. so now im plugged in the ECU without every modifications on the electric. so i gat a lot of error messages on my ecu. the map sensor (on volt1) the volt2 input it designed to maf sensor but it dosnt work, the temp1 (ECT) it has error too. so i unplugged the mafsensor and turn the sensor off at the link software but the Error it comes again and again. then i install a BOSCH iat on the temp2 Chanel my wiring was temp2-IAT-GND Butt this chanel makes the same problem every chanel has the high value what i need to do?

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Oh So sorry that i waste your time, thank you so much that you answering me so fast yes i clear just the error log not the fault Codes. now it works great. bevore i have more problems i ask you bevore i do somme modifications. I would like to remove the maf meter. can i unplug and set to off? is the engine working good without them? and i found a bigger Turbo i would like to install this. what i need to do for a safe running? and can i set up the boost easy? (i would like to have 1.1 Bar its like 16 psi) i hope i didn`t wasting your time im a beginner.

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